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Female at 50 Years Old and 5'5 Sees 161 Pound Weight Loss in 20 Months

This 50-year-old woman has made amazing progress in her weight loss journey, shedding 161 pounds in just 20 months. She is an inspiration to others striving to improve their physical and mental health.

A picture of a 5'5" female showing a weight loss from 316 pounds to 155 pounds. A respectable loss of 161 pounds.

This person has lost 161 pounds in 20 months, going from a starting weight of 316. They are female and 5'5 tall. They say they are always a work in progress physically and mentally, indicating they have not yet reached their goal weight or mindset.

F/50/5'5"[316>155=161](20months)Always a work in progress physically and mentally
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