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ale Weight Loss Journey: From 240 Lbs to 145 Lbs in 3 Years

One reddit user's slow dieting and hard training weight loss journey from 240 lbs to 145 lbs, with tips for losing weight effectively and safely.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'3" man showing a fat loss from 240 pounds to 145 pounds. A total loss of 95 pounds.
Male/25/5'3" [~240 > 145 = 95] (3 years) Slow dieting and hard training paid off!
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


One male Reddit user, NikhilT90, has recently shared his inspiring weight loss journey on the platform. After struggling with his weight throughout his life, NikhilT90 decided to change his lifestyle and slowly lose weight to become healthier and more confident. In three years, he went from 240 lbs to 145 lbs.

NikhilT90's Journey to Weight Loss

After a breakup, NikhilT90 gained a tremendous amount of weight through college. At his heaviest, he believes he was over 50% body fat. He tried keto and cyclical keto, but found caloric deficit + keto tanked his sex drive every time he tried it. In the summer of 2013, he consulted with Jordan Feigenbaum for diet and training advice and was put on a split of about 180 grams protein, 180 grams carbs, and 55 grams fat with two carb-up days a week. NikhilT90 began doing Starting Strength and some martial arts classes to stay active, focusing on performance over numbers on the scale.

Results and Future Plans

NikhilT90 ended up hiring Jordan to handle his macros and training every week in summer 2014, and they have been working together for 15 months at the time of his post. He is slowly bulking on 170P/235C/59 with the intention of staying +/- 145 lbs so he can compete in the USAPL at this weight class over time and improve body composition. He credits his training with allowing him to slowly diet, build muscle and strength, and maintain focus.

Take it Slow, Improve Over Time

NikhilT90's journey serves as an example of what can happen when you take it slow and focus on improving your body over time instead of a quick fix. He advises not to cut straight down to low calorie diets just because you think you have to, but instead to take your time, add extra cardio if needed, and intersperse windows of dieting with small bulks to build muscle and strength. NikhilT90 reminds us that we are not in a race against anyone and that we should focus on our personal goals.


NikhilT90's weight loss journey is not only inspiring but educational. His focus on slow dieting, performance improvement, and working with a professional coach allowed him to achieve his weight loss and fitness goals. NikhilT90 emphasizes that everyone's journey is different and advises others to try things out and see what works for them. With patience, dedication, and focus, anyone can achieve their goals.

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