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Man Loses 20 Pounds in a Year with Cardio and Diet Changes

Find motivation from reddit user's weight journey. Simple changes like cardio and diet adjustments helped him lose 20 pounds in a year.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'4" man showing a weight reduction from 153 pounds to 133 pounds. A total loss of 20 pounds.
A progress pic of a 5'4" man showing a weight reduction from 153 pounds to 133 pounds. A total loss of 20 pounds.
M/28/5'4" [153>133=20 lbs down!] 1 year of giving a f@*k
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A Reddit user, rapper810, shared his one-year weight loss journey and credited the weight loss to cardio and diet adjustments. His post is a motivation for anyone looking to change their lifestyle for the better.

Increase cardio and exercise more

Rapper810 informed that he increased his cardio exercises over a year, and now he dedicates 4-5 days of the week to the gym. Cardio, such as running or cycling, is very advantageous in weight loss, as it can help burn many calories in short periods. Behavioral researchers suggest weight training can also help maintain muscle mass while losing body fat.

Decrease processed carbs

Processed carbohydrates such as those found in sugary sodas, white bread, and other baked goods should be avoided if you're planning to lose weight. rapper810 confesses that besides exercising more, he also decreased his processed carb intake, which helped him lose his extra weight. Reduce the number of foods that are high in sugar and enriched/bleached wheat flour, as they are shown to lower metabolism and increase fat storage.

Take pictures to track progress

It is essential to take pictures periodically to track progress. rapper810 suggests that taking pictures during your weight loss journey is crucial to keep motivated and notice any changes. By taking pictures, you can observe the changes in your body and how your efforts are paying off. It will help you see both physical and mental progress.


Weight loss is not an overnight process, and rapper810's post shows that. He lost 20 pounds in a year with small lifestyle changes and motivation from social media and friends. To lose weight, you need a combination of exercise, a healthy diet, and a sustainable lifestyle. These changes will eventually pay off if you stay consistent. You don't need to have a strict diet or a celebrity trainer. You only need to begin somewhere and stick to it.

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