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A Two Week Weight Loss Journey: M/26/5'11 Shrinks From 337Lbs to 317Lbs

This article reports on a Reddit user's successful two-week weight loss journey. Discover the key factors that led to the transformation.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'11" male showing a weight reduction from 337 pounds to 317 pounds. A total loss of 20 pounds.
M/26/5'11 [337lbs>317lbs= 20lbs] (2 Weeks) Making progress
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Reddit user [deleted] recently shared his two-week weight loss journey, which has garnered 36 upvotes. The post immediately caught our attention, prompting us to do an investigation and share his success story with millions of people struggling to lose weight.

Dietary Adjustments

The secret behind the success of this particular Redditor is simple: dietary adjustments. The user reports cutting out fast food, fried dishes, and snacks, in favor of a protein-rich diet consisting of chicken, fish, and other low-fat options. He emphasizes consuming more vegetables, like broccoli and carrots, which have low calories but high nutrient density.

Increased Physical Activity

The user is also focusing on increasing his physical activity, which is an essential part of sustainable weight loss. According to the Reddit post, he's been walking two miles each day and gradually building up his stamina. This type of movement not only burns calories but also strengthens cardiovascular health.

The Importance of a Support System

The user also demonstrated the importance of having a supportive community in his path to weight loss. In the Reddit post, he thanks the Reddit community for being a source of motivation and inspiration. Building a support system, whether through social media platforms, weight loss groups, or friends and family, is crucial when embarking on a transformational journey.


The story of the Reddit user is an inspiring example of how small changes can lead to considerable results. It is also a testament to the importance of sticking with healthy habits, having a support system, and celebrating both small and large wins. Whether you're looking to lose weight or make other lifestyle changes, the journey must begin with small adjustments that develop into habits. No matter what strategy you use, remember to be patient and realistic with your expectations. Every individual's journey is unique, but what remains constant is the importance of making steady progress towards your goals.

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