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Losing 37 Pounds in 3 Months: a User's Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Follow The_Goss' Reddit post on his 37-pound weight loss journey in just 3 months. Learn his tips and tricks to achieve your own weight loss goals.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 6'6" male showing a weight loss from 317 pounds to 280 pounds. A total loss of 37 pounds.
M/26/6'6" [317 > 280-ish = 37lbs] (3 months and counting) Muh beard ate my face!
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


The_Goss, a 26-year-old male standing at 6'6" tall, took the daunting challenge of losing weight. In a span of three months, he has lost around 37 pounds, documenting his journey on Reddit. His before-and-after photos have inspired many people who want to change their lifestyles and lose weight.

The Journey

The_Goss started his weight loss journey by tracking his calorie intake, lowering his carb intake, and drinking plenty of water. He also incorporated physical exercise into his routine by walking several times per week. His daily walks and healthy eating habit have helped him lose weight more efficiently.

The Challenges

Like any other weight loss journey, The_Goss faced several challenges. He struggled with his mindset and found himself craving unhealthy food. To overcome this, he set smaller, attainable goals and made healthier versions of his favorite high-carb foods. He also sought support from his Reddit community, which kept his motivation high.

The Results

The_Goss' journey can be inspiring for those looking to lose weight. His dedication and perseverance have brought him significant results in just three months. He now weighs approximately 280 lbs and has lost 37 pounds - an impressive feat. His journey shows that with a proactive attitude, patience, and resilience, anyone can achieve weight loss success.


The_Goss' weight loss journey is not easy, but his dedication to achieving his goal has inspired many. By having a clear goal, creating daily habits that promote good health, and finding support from others, anyone can lose weight. If you are looking to start your weight loss journey, take The_Goss' experience as a guide, and do not give up on achieving your goals.

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