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Man Loses 136Lbs in 14 Months: a Weight Loss Journey

Read about Dunnersstunner's impressive weight loss journey, involving a change in food habits and increased activity levels, leading to a 136lb weight loss after 14 months.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'10" male showing a weight loss from 394 pounds to 258 pounds. A respectable loss of 136 pounds.
M/35/5'10 [394>258lbs = 136 lbs] (14 months) Found an old face pic: goodbye hair, hello cheekbones
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Dunnersstunner's weight loss journey exceeded expectations, resulting in an impressive 136lb weight loss over a period of 14 months. His progress was achieved through a combination of dietary changes and an increase in physical activity level.

Dietary Changes

Dunnersstunner's dietary changes played a crucial role in his weight loss journey. By altering his eating habits, he established long-lasting, healthy behaviors. He avoided foods high in saturated and trans fats and increased his intake of fruits and vegetables. As a result, Dunnersstunner not only lost weight but also improved his overall health.

Physical Activity

Dunnersstunner increased his activity level by establishing a workout regimen and providing consistency to his daily routine. He engaged in an array of low-impact exercises, including running, walking, and swimming, and incorporated muscle-building activities such as weight lifting. By doing this, he created a comprehensive plan to help manage his weight and improve his cardiovascular health.

Words of Encouragement

The progress Dunnersstunner made on his weight loss journey serves as an inspiration to all who seek a healthier lifestyle. Although the process of losing weight can be challenging and takes effort and perseverance, it can be achieved by making small changes and being consistent over time. Dunnersstunner is an example of the kind of goal anyone can reach if committed to a healthier lifestyle.


Dunnersstunner's weight loss journey outcome was not only a significant loss of 136lbs but also for his improved overall health. By changing eating habits, increasing activities, and establishing consistent routines, Dunnersstunner found the pathway to a healthier lifestyle. His weight loss story is one that may serve as an inspiration for others to begin their own journey to better health, where small changes ultimately lead to substantial gains.

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