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F/37/5’4” Weight Loss Progress: July to September (262Lbs to 239Lbs)

Follow the inspiring weight loss journey of a reddit user who went from 262lbs to 239lbs in just two months through simple lifestyle changes.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'4" woman showing a fat loss from 262 pounds to 239 pounds. A net loss of 23 pounds.
F/37/5’4” [262lbs > 239lbs = 23lbs] Weight loss progress from July to Sept.
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Weight loss is a journey that requires discipline, commitment, and a commitment to lifestyle changes. A Reddit user, F/37/5’4”, has shared her inspiring progress from July to September, losing 23lbs through simple lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle Changes

The user credits her weight loss success to simple lifestyle changes, such as cutting out sugary drinks and snacks, increasing her water intake, and incorporating more fruits and vegetables into her diet. She also began walking for 30 minutes every day and gradually increased her physical activity over time.

Support System

The user found motivation and support through the online community, sharing her progress on Reddit and receiving encouragement and advice from other users. She also found support in her family and friends, who encouraged and celebrated her progress.


In just two months, the user lost an impressive 23lbs, going from 262lbs to 239lbs. She reported feeling more energized and confident, and was even inspired to set new goals for herself to continue her weight loss journey.


This inspiring weight loss journey highlights the power of simple lifestyle changes and the importance of having a support system. By cutting out sugary drinks and snacks, increasing water intake, incorporating more fruits and vegetables, and gradually increasing physical activity, anyone can achieve similar results. Find motivation and support through online communities, friends, and family, and remember to set realistic goals and celebrate your progress along the way.

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