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My 2 Month Weight Loss Journey: From 114Kg to 104Kg

Read about hollandsmacka's slow and steady weight loss journey on Reddit that led to a 10kg drop in weight and positive recognition from others.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'9" male showing a weight loss from 114 pounds to 104 pounds. A net loss of 10 pounds.
M/29/5'9" [114 kg > 104 kg = ~10 kg] (2 months) Slow and steady towards sub 100. People are starting to notice – great feeling for sure!
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Hollandsmacka, a 29-year-old Reddit user, embarked on a weight loss journey two months ago. By adopting a slow and steady approach, he was able to drop from 114kg to 104kg, losing roughly 10kg. Throughout his journey, he experienced an increase in recognition from others, which provided him with a great sense of accomplishment.

Importance of a Slow and Steady Approach

Hollandsmacka achieved his weight loss through a slow and steady approach, emphasizing the importance of consistency and sustainability. Rather than restricting himself too much, he focused on making small, gradual changes to his diet and exercise routine. This approach led to long-term success and prevented him from feeling overwhelmed.

Positive Recognition and Its Role in Weight Loss

As Hollandsmacka lost weight, positive recognition from others helped him remain motivated and committed to his journey. The encouragement he received also provided him with a sense of accomplishment, further fueling his desire to continue working towards his goals.

The Impact of Weight Loss on Mental and Physical Well-being

For Hollandsmacka, the experience of losing weight had a positive impact on both his mental and physical well-being. As he shed excess weight, he reported feeling more energized and confident. In addition, he noticed improved mood and better overall health, highlighting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Takeaway Message

Hollandsmacka's weight loss journey is a testament to the power of a slow and steady approach with emphasis on making sustainable lifestyle changes. By gradually making healthier choices, one can achieve long-term weight loss success and experience improvements in both mental and physical well-being. Positive recognition from others can serve as a motivating factor, but the most important thing is to stay committed and consistent to one's goals.

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