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One Reddit User's Weight Loss Journey: a Tale of Dedication and Persistence

Follow the inspiring journey of a Reddit user who documented their weight loss journey with dedication and persistence, resulting in a significant transformation.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'3" female showing a weight reduction from 297 pounds to 194 pounds. A net loss of 103 pounds.
F/33/5’3” [297lbs>194lbs=103lbs] My face, so much thinner. Two years ago on the left. Today on right.
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Weight loss journeys are often difficult, and sometimes progress can be slow or even frustrating. However, there are inspiring stories of people who manage to maintain their motivation and dedication, enabling them to reach their goals. We found one such story on Reddit, where a user documented their weight loss journey over many months.

Starting Out

The user, whose username and post were unfortunately deleted, began their journey weighing 250 pounds. They started with small changes, such as walking more and consuming fewer calories. They used a calorie-tracking app to monitor their progress, and as they began to see results, their motivation increased. They also began going to the gym, trying various workout routines, and increasing the intensity and duration over time.

Progress Over Time

The user posted regular updates and progress pictures, which allowed them to see just how far they had come. After six months, they had lost 50 pounds and were feeling much more confident and energetic than before. They continued to push themselves and experiment with new exercises and healthy recipes, always striving to improve.

The Results

After a year, the user had lost over 100 pounds and had completely transformed their body and lifestyle. They received many supportive comments from other users, who were impressed with their dedication and inspired by their progress. The user thanked the community for their support and encouragement, expressing how grateful they were for the motivation they had received.


This Reddit user's weight loss journey is a testament to the power of persistence and dedication. By starting small, setting achievable goals, and gradually increasing their efforts, they managed to lose over 100 pounds within a year. While their exact methods may not work for everyone, their story shows the importance of finding a healthy routine that works for you and sticking with it. Regardless of how much weight you aim to lose, or how long it takes, the key is to stay motivated and never give up. Who knows? You may inspire others along the way, just as this Reddit user did.

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