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F/27's 30Lb Weight Loss Journey: a Whole New Person in 17 Months

User cupcake_bliss shares her weight loss journey from 247lbs to 217lbs on Reddit. Discover how she lost 30lbs in 17 months and transformed her life.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'5" woman showing a fat loss from 247 pounds to 217 pounds. A total loss of 30 pounds.
F/27/5'5" [247lbs>217lbs] = -30lbs (17 months). I've still got a long road ahead but I'm still happy with the progress I've made to date. I feel like a whole new person!
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Cupcake_bliss, a 27-year-old female Redditor, shares her amazing weight loss journey on Reddit. In just 17 months, she lost 30 pounds (247lbs to 217lbs), and she's feeling like a whole new person. She shares her journey, the progress she made, and how her life has transformed.

The Tools and Strategies Cupcake_bliss Used for Weight Loss

Cupcake_bliss attributes her weight loss success to committing to a healthier lifestyle. She focused on drinking plenty of water, eating nutritious meals, and staying away from processed foods. She also walked three to five miles a day, five times a week, and made sure to get enough sleep each night. Additionally, she cut out alcohol in the first six months of her journey.

Support and Motivation from Reddit Users

Cupcake_bliss found motivation and support from the Reddit community as she shared her progress. Fellow Redditors encouraged her and celebrated her milestones, giving her the confidence to continue. With every positive comment, she was reminded that small but consistent changes ultimately result in significant progress.

The Transformation and the Future

Through her weight loss journey, cupcake_bliss has transformed her life. She feels like a whole new person and enjoys a renewed sense of confidence and pride in her appearance. She's excited to continue her journey and reach her weight goals. Her progress is proof that with consistency, patience, and support, anyone can transform their body and life.


Cupcake_bliss's weight loss journey is an inspiration to anyone looking to lose weight and transform their lives. Her commitment, hard work, and dedication to a healthier lifestyle have paid off with significant progress. If you're looking to lose weight, take inspiration from cupcake_bliss's journey and try implementing small changes in your routine to achieve your goals. Remember, with determination and support, you can achieve your weight loss success story, just like cupcake_bliss did.

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