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From 305 to 155 Pounds: a Three Year Weight Loss Journey

Read about a reddit user's amazing weight loss journey from 305 to 155 pounds. Learn about their ups and downs on the path to a healthier life.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'8" female showing a weight reduction from 305 pounds to 150 pounds. A total loss of 155 pounds.
F/25/5’8 [305>155=150lbs] Not even CLOSE to the same person I was 3 years ago.. physically and mentally.. I’m just happy I did something for once.. :)
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A reddit user made a post sharing their weight loss journey that garnered over 5000 upvotes. The user, whose username has been deleted, went from weighing 305 pounds to 155 pounds in the span of three years. This article will delve deeper into their journey and provide insights on how anyone can achieve significant weight loss through dedication and hard work.

Starting Point at 305 Pounds

The journey towards weight loss began when the user weighed in at a staggering 305 pounds. The user felt sluggish, tired, and mentally drained. Deciding enough was enough, the user made a commitment to start taking control of their health. The user started with small changes like limiting fast food and increasing water intake. Slowly, the user added in exercise and began to see changes in their body that motivated them to continue forward.

The Ups and Downs of Weight Loss

The user's weight loss journey was not without its ups and downs. There were moments of self-doubt and frustration, but ultimately the user persevered. The user learned the importance of seeking out resources for support, whether it be through on online community or a personal trainer. Additionally, the user highlighted the importance of not comparing oneself to others and remembering that weight loss is a personal journey unique to each individual.

The End Result

After three years of dedication and hard work, the user reached their goal weight of 155 pounds. The user described feeling like a completely different person, both physically and mentally. The user highlighted the importance of taking time for oneself and making health a priority. The post ended with the user expressing gratitude for the journey and the ability to take control of their health.


The user's weight loss journey serves as an inspiration to anyone looking to make a significant lifestyle change. While the journey was not easy, it was ultimately rewarding. The key takeaways are to start small, seek out resources for support, and remember that weight loss is a personal journey unique to each individual. Start making positive changes in your life today and work towards achieving your own health goals.

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