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F/21/5’1” Muscle Growth Progress Report 0Lbs Change in Weight in 8 Months

This article presents how one reddit user achieved muscle growth without weight loss through diet changes and regular exercise.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'1" woman showing a snapshot of 115 pounds at a height of 5'1
F/21/5’1” [115lbs > 115lbs = 0lbs] muscle growth 8mo. progress
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Weight loss is often the focus of those who embark on a fitness journey, but it’s not always the best indicator of progress. In this post, we examine the progress of a reddit user, Open_Understanding83, who achieved muscle growth with no change in weight. She shares her eight-month fitness journey, which is full of healthy habits, dietary changes, and a newfound dedication to strength training.

The Journey

Open_Understanding83's journey began with a desire to become skinny, and she embarked on a cardio-heavy routine with calorie deficits. However, after eight months, she still weighed the same number on the scale, but she had visibly shed a lot of her body fat and had started to build muscles. She had completely transitioned her mindset from wanting to be skinny to wanting to be strong and healthy. With her newfound goal, she began a weightlifting and cardio routine wrapped around the push/pull/legs split, four to five days per week.

The Routine

She prioritized protein, consuming lentil soup, edamame rice bowls, fake meats, protein pastas, tofu, and post-workout protein shakes with creatine, and switched to a plant-based diet. Her cardio routine included walking every day for at least 30 minutes, running 5-10k twice per week, and paddleboarding and biking regularly. Weightlifting exercises included tricep push down, push-ups, BB OH press, DB lateral raise for the push day; single arm cable lat pulldown, bicep curl, face pull, pull up for the pull day; and BB squat, hip thrust, leg extension, and RDL for the legs.


After eight months, Open_Understanding83 achieved remarkable gains in strength and appearance. She hasn't lost any weight, but her body fat percentage has decreased, and she has gained muscle, particularly in her chest, shoulders, and arms. While muscle does weigh more than fat, her transformation shows that the scale doesn't always tell the whole story of one's fitness journey. The biggest changes she noticed were in her confidence and self-esteem, which both soared beyond expectations.


Open_Understanding83's journey highlights the importance of strength training, proper nutrition, and a change in mindset. She learned that progress is more than just a number on the scale and that muscle gain is an impressive feat. While her journey may not work for everyone, discovering one's optimal routine may require patience, dedication, and flexibility. Focusing on achievable goals and taking small steps towards them is the key to success. Open_Understanding83's story can inspire others to try things for themselves and find their path to overall wellness.

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