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Male Loses 40 Pounds in 9 Days by Cutting out Belly Fat

This man has lost 40lbs in just under a year, and he's not done yet! He's determined to lose more weight and get in shape, and he's well on his way. His progress pictures show his amazing transformation and how far he's come.

A progress pic of a 6'2" man showing a fat loss from 305 pounds to 265 pounds. A total loss of 40 pounds.

This person has lost 40lbs in just under a year, and is continuing to work hard to lose more weight and tone their body. They are especially focusing on losing belly fat and shaping their chest. This progress pic shows their progress over time and how they have changed since they started their journey.

M/32/6’2” [305<265 = 40 lbs] (1 year, months, 9 days) 1st picture is drone day 1, the other two are from today. Trying to loose that stubborn belly fat and shape my chest.
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