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M/27/6'1 [160Lbs >187Lbs = +27Lbs] (28 Months) Male Bulks up 27Lbs in 28 Months

This is a progress pic of a male who has gone from 160lbs to 187lbs, a change of 27lbs. He is 6'1 tall.

A before and after photo of a 6'1" male showing a muscle gain from 160 pounds to 187 pounds. A respectable gain of 27 pounds.

This person has gained 27lbs over the course of 28 months, going from 160lbs to 187lbs. They are Male, 6'1, and ask for an estimate on body fat percentage before and after the weight gain.

M/27/6’1” [160lbs >187lbs = +27lbs] (28 months) very slow bulk , but progress is progress. What do you estimate Body fat percentage before and after ?
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