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M/21/5'5 Lost 30Lbs in 3 Months From Strict Diet and Fasting

This is a progress pic of a male who has lost 30lbs in 3 months through diet and fasting. He is excited to start his next bulk / cut cycle.

A progress pic of a 5'5" man showing a fat loss from 140 pounds to 110 pounds. A respectable loss of 30 pounds.

The individual in the picture is a male who is 5'5 tall. They started at a weight of 140lbs and have now dropped to 110lbs, a change of 30lbs. They attribute this change to a strict diet and fasting regime that they have been following for the past three months. They have just completed their first 'bulk and cut' cycle and are excited to start again.

M/21/5’5 [140lb > 110lb = 30lb] (3 months of strict diet and fasting) just finished my first bulk / cut cycle excited to start again.
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