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A Weight Loss Journey: One User's Story on Reddit

Read about a Reddit user's weight loss journey, with 3598 upvotes and no comments.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'2" woman showing a fat loss from 353 pounds to 199 pounds. A respectable loss of 154 pounds.
F/36/5'2" [353 lbs > 199 lbs = 154 lbs] Still have further to go but seeing how far I've come still shocks me. In my mind I'm still the former.
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Weight loss is a topic that consistently pops up across the internet, with many people seeking advice and motivation from others on the same journey. One Reddit user, whose post was upvoted 3598 times without any comments, shared their own weight loss journey and progress updates with the platform's vast community.

Starting Point

The anonymous user shared that they began their weight loss journey in January 2021, weighing 233 pounds. They expressed their desire to lose weight, and to do so in a healthy and sustainable way. Going about it the right way, according to them, meant cutting back on carbs, reducing calorie intake, and incorporating more exercise into their routine.

Trackable Progress

This user shared updates every few weeks not only on their weight, but also on their mental and emotional well-being. They reported feeling more positive, confident, and proud of their progress. They also shared how they were measuring their progress, including via progress photos and by tracking their food intake and physical activity using available apps.

Setbacks and Motivation

As with many weight loss journeys, this user experienced setbacks and moments of discouragement. They shared their struggles with continuing to eat healthily and stay motivated to exercise. However, they also recognized that progress is not linear and that each day is a new opportunity to make positive choices. Encouragement and motivation from the Reddit community also played a role.

Takeaways and Inspiration

This user's weight loss journey serves as an example of how tracking progress, staying positive, and seeking support can help individuals achieve their goals. While everyone's journey is unique, this user's honesty and vulnerability in sharing their story can be inspiring and motivating for others who may be on a similar path.

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