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Weight Loss Journey Through Reddit Posts

Follow the journey of a Reddit user's weight loss transformation through their posts and progress updates. See how they achieved their goals and find inspiration to create your own success story.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'8" male showing a weight bulk from 156 pounds to 158 pounds. A net gain of 2 pounds.
M/20/5'8" [156lbs < 158lbs](1 month) Happy with the change!
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Social media platforms like Reddit have become a valuable resource for people trying to make healthier choices, particularly when it comes to weight loss. One example is the anonymous Reddit user who shared their journey towards shedding excess pounds, documenting their progress along the way. Although the user ultimately deleted their posts and account, their story demonstrates just how powerful and motivating social media can be.

Starting the Journey

The user began their journey by taking small steps towards improving their overall health, such as cutting back on overly processed foods and sugary drinks, and incorporating physical activity into their daily routine. They also started tracking their caloric intake, which allowed them to better understand and manage their diet.

Progress and Challenges

Over time, the user's weight loss progress was evident in a series of progress photos and updates. However, the journey was not without its challenges. The user faced roadblocks, such as temptations to indulge in unhealthy foods, and moments of frustration when the number on the scale didn't budge. But they persevered, and their dedication paid off.

Achieving Goals

The user succeeded in achieving their ultimate weight loss goal, but the journey didn't end there. They continued to use Reddit as a tool for accountability and motivation, setting new goals to maintain their progress and improve their overall health. Through the support of the Reddit community, the user was able to create a successful weight loss story.


The anonymous Reddit user's weight loss journey is a testament to the power of social media for inspiring and supporting change. By sharing their progress and seeking advice and encouragement from others, the user was able to achieve their goals and inspire countless others in the process. To anyone looking to make changes in their own lives, these posts serve as motivation to take that first step on a journey towards a healthier you.

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