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60 Pound Weight Loss in 7 Months with Paleo and Crossfit

Learn about the successful 7-month weight loss journey of user champster29 who lost 60 pounds through Paleo and Crossfit.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'11" male showing a weight reduction from 315 pounds to 255 pounds. A respectable loss of 60 pounds.
M/30/5'11" [315lbs > 255 = 60 pounds] (7 months) Paleo since Jan, Crossfit since March 1st. It's a whole new life for me.
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Reddit user champster29, a 30-year-old man weighing 315 pounds and standing at 5'11" successfully lost 60 pounds in just 7 months through a combination of Paleo diet and Crossfit. Through his journey, he shared his progress on Reddit and inspired many to make a healthy change in their lives.

Adopting Paleo Diet

Champster29 switched to a Paleo diet in January, which promotes eating whole foods and cutting out processed foods. With its focus on meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables, he could enjoy a variety of healthy and filling meals. He also ensured to control his calorie intake and stopped consuming soda and other sugary drinks.

Introduction to Crossfit

Champster29 started his Crossfit journey on March 1st, where he was introduced to high-intensity functional movements that improved his strength, flexibility, and endurance. Along with that, the comradery he experienced in his Crossfit box helped him to stay motivated and accountable.

Feeling Healthier and More Energized

Through his weight loss, Champster29 feels much better about himself. He feels healthier, and day-to-day activities have become much easier to perform. Additionally, he has become more energizied, and he now enjoys his newfound confidence and sense of self.


Through his journey, champster29 truly exemplifies the power of healthy living. Along with a good workout routine, one also needs to establish healthy eating habits to achieve maximum results. Champster29's advice to everyone is to try things out for themselves and figure out what works best for them. If he can do it, anyone can.

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