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26 Month Weight Loss Journey: From 380Lbs to 250Lbs with Mental Improvements

Read about the inspiring 26-month weight loss journey of Reddit user thekingslayer70, from 380lbs to 250lbs, and the positive changes it brought to their mental life.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 6'1" man showing a weight cut from 380 pounds to 250 pounds. A net loss of 130 pounds.
M/20/6’1” [380lbs > 250lbs = 130lbs] 26 months of progress finally seeing results in my mental life
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Reddit user thekingslayer70 recently shared their weight journey progress, which shows an impressive feat of losing 130lbs in 26 months. But, more than just the physical changes, this redditor highlights that the journey has also brought significant improvements to their mental health.

From 380lbs to 250lbs: The Weight Loss Journey

Thekingslayer70 started their weight loss journey in January 2019 at 380lbs, where they had to adapt because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They started by changing their diets and engaging in a consistent exercise routine by walking, cycling, and eventually running. By making an effort to minimize processed foods and to focus on protein, fruits, and vegetables, they lost 100lbs at the end of 2020. However, it was only during 2021, where they worked on strength training, that they saw even more significant progress, reaching 250lbs.

The Mental Improvements

It's not just their body shape that has changed over the journey, thekingslayer70 talked about a new-found confidence and introspection that the weight loss journey helped develop. This includes a better understanding of their relationship with food, an increased sense of control over life's aspects, increased self-confidence, and a greater willingness to try new things.

What We Can Learn from Thekingslayer70's Journey

Thekingslayer70's journey can inspire others not only to lose weight but also to take charge of their mental health. Their story highlights how weight loss can lead to a sense of accomplishment, and introduce new and positive changes in life in general. With the right mindset, a good plan, and progress measurement, anyone can achieve their weight loss goals and experience the same significant improvements in their mental health.


Thekingslayer70's 26-month journey is a testament to the changes anyone can make if they are willing to put in the work. It serves as inspiration to others who are struggling with weight loss, and anxiety that seems to grow worse each day. With perseverance and the determination to improve their mental health, they too can achieve their own desired goals.

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