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F/38/5'5 [169Lbs 148Lbs] Intermittent Fasting and Omad Diet Helps Woman Lose Last 16 Pounds

This progress pic shows a female who has lost 21lbs over a period of 2 years. She attributes this weight loss to intermittent fasting/omad and eating the foods she wants, just not all day. Her goal is to get down to 125-130lbs.

A progress pic of a 5'5" woman showing a fat loss from 169 pounds to 148 pounds. A net loss of 21 pounds.

This person has lost 21 pounds since their previous weight of 169 pounds. They attribute this weight loss to intermittent fasting/omad, which means they are only eating the foods they want during specific times. This person is hoping to get down to 125-130 pounds.

F/38/5'5" [169lbs - 148 lbs] The last 16 lbs have been lost by intermittent fasting/omad. Eating the foods I want, just not all day! Hoping to get down to 125-130. Pics are taken over 2 years apart
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