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Man Loses 37Lbs in 3 Years, Shares Progress Photos

This progress pic shows a man who has lost 37lbs over the course of three years. He is 5'8 tall and his current weight is 215lbs.

A before and after photo of a 5'8" male showing a weight reduction from 252 pounds to 215 pounds. A net loss of 37 pounds.

The individual in the photo is a male who is 5'8 tall. Three years ago, the individual weighed 252 pounds. As of the current photo, the individual weighs 215 pounds, meaning they have lost 37 pounds. The individual notes that they wanted to make sure to use an angle that would show how much progress they have made, even if it is not the most flattering angle.

M/27/5’8” [252lbs > 215lbs = 37lbs] - three years apart - thought it made sense to do an equally unflattering angle!
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