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51 Lbs Gone and Counting! Male at 5'11 Drops From 330 to 279Lbs

This man has lost 51 pounds since his previous weight of 330 pounds. He is 5'11 tall and is a male. This progress pic is from a third party perspective.

A photo of a 5'11" man showing a weight cut from 330 pounds to 279 pounds. A net loss of 51 pounds.

The individual in this progress photo is a 41-year-old male who is 5'11 tall. He reports that his previous weight was 330lbs and that his current weight is 279lbs, meaning he has lost 51lbs. He has set a goal weight of 250lbs or less and seems excited to continue working towards this goal.

M/41/5ā€™11 [330lbs>279lbs = 51 lbs] GW 250 or less. Iā€™m excited to keep going!
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