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My Weight Loss Journey: How I Lost 22Lbs Through Diet and Exercise

Follow the journey of a Reddit user who lost 22lbs through diet and exercise. Learn from their experience and try it for yourself.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'4" male showing a weight loss from 176 pounds to 154 pounds. A total loss of 22 pounds.
M/20/5'4" [176 lbs > 154 lbs = 22 lbs]. Been hittin' the gym for 4 months but lost a lot of weight with diet. Not on my final goal yet but I'm just happy to see that my hard work is leading to something.
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PosiThinker13, a 20-year-old male who stands at 5'4'', shares his success story of losing 22lbs in just four months through diet and exercise. The Reddit community applauded his achievement from the post that received 33 upvotes and a positive comment from a fellow user. In this article, we will explore PosiThinker13's journey and provide insights on how others can achieve their weight loss goals.


PosiThinker13 credits his weight loss success to his dietary changes. He mentions that he kept his calorie intake under control by counting his calories and following a balanced diet. He incorporated more vegetables and proteins in his meals, reduced his sugar and carb intake and made sure to drink enough water every day. By making these simple and sustainable dietary changes, PosiThinker13 was able to create a calorie deficit and lose weight.


While diet played an important role in PosiThinker13's journey, he also emphasized the importance of exercise. PosiThinker13 hit the gym regularly and did a combination of weight training and cardio. He also indulged in outdoor activities like hiking and cycling that helped him burn calories while exploring the outdoors. PosiThinker13 found that consistent exercise not only helped him lose weight but also improved his overall mental and physical health.


PosiThinker13's weight loss journey is still ongoing, and he has not yet achieved his final goal. However, his progress in just four months is commendable. Losing 22lbs not only improved his physical appearance but also gave him the confidence boost he needed. He mentions that his hard work is paying off, and he is happy with the results. PosiThinker13's experience shows that with dedication and consistency, anyone can achieve their weight loss goals.


PosiThinker13's success story provides valuable insights into how simple dietary and lifestyle changes can lead to significant weight loss. His journey shows that losing weight is not just about shedding those extra pounds but also about feeling good in your own skin. Anyone who wants to embark on a weight loss journey can learn from PosiThinker13's experience and try out the changes that worked for him. Consistency, discipline, and patience are some of the essential tools required to achieve a healthy and sustainable weight loss.

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