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Frogsexchange's 29 Pound Weight Gain Journey Through Exercise and Supplementation

A Reddit user managed to gain 29 pounds through exercising and drinking Huel and Brotein. Read more about his routine and journey.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'7" man showing a muscle gain from 141 pounds to 170 pounds. A net gain of 29 pounds.
M/26/5'7" [141lbs > 170lbs = 29lbs] I ate my hair
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Reddit user frogsexchange shared his impressive 29-pound weight gain journey on the platform. He revealed his strict exercise routine and supplements that helped him achieve his goal.

The routine

Frogsexchange went to the gym 5-7 times a week every morning. He consumed a Huel drink and a pre-workout mix that contained creatine. During his sessions, he focused on exercises that targeted each muscle group. His list of exercises included chest press, incline chest press, decline chest press, wide overhand grip lat pull-down, pec deck, reverse pec deck, cable tricep kickback, tricep extension machine, EZ bar curl, bicep curl, dumbbell seated shoulder press, hammer curl, machine standing calf raise, deadlift, squat, inner thigh machine, and outer thigh machine.

The supplements

Frogsexchange consumed a Brotein shake after his workouts. Brotein, which contains whey protein, helps with muscle recovery and growth. He also took a pre-workout mix that contained creatine, a popular supplement that can increase muscle mass and strength. Huel, a powdered meal replacement that contains protein, carbs, and fat, was consumed before his workouts to ensure that he had enough fuel to power through his routine.

The results

Frogsexchange's hard work paid off, and he gained 29 pounds through his routine. He went from 141lbs to 170lbs. The Reddit community praised him for his transformation, with one user even comparing him to One Punch Man.


Frogsexchange's journey towards gaining 29 pounds serves as an inspiration to those who are looking to bulk up. While his routine might not suit everyone, it's a testament to the importance of exercise and supplementation when it comes to achieving one's fitness goals. Whether or not you decide to follow a similar routine, the key takeaway is that setting a goal and working hard to achieve it can yield fantastic results.

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