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M/21/5'7'' [187Lbs > 165Lbs = 18Lbs] Recomp: a Weight Loss Journey

Follow No-Manufacturer210's weight loss journey on Reddit as he transforms his body from 187lbs to 165lbs in 7 months with a high protein diet.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'7" male showing a weight loss from 187 pounds to 165 pounds. A total loss of 22 pounds.
M/21/5’7” [187lbs > 165lbs = -18lbs] Recomp
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


No-Manufacturer210, a 21-year-old male on Reddit, embarked on a weight loss journey to transform his body from 187lbs to 165lbs in 7 months. His story of a weight loss transformation was an inspiration to many. He followed a high protein diet, stuck to his fitness routine, and saw great results.

Body transformation

No-Manufacturer210 posted his pictures on Reddit, showing his amazing body transformation. In his older photo, he was shirtless in a casino, and his new picture displayed a completely different physique with visible abs, toned arms and shoulders. His post received 92 upvotes and 6 supportive comments. He thanked the supportive community and continued his journey.

Diet and fitness routine

No-Manufacturer210's diet and fitness routine played a significant role in his transformation. Initially, he was eating 1500 calories a day with only 70 grams of protein, seeing minimal progress. But when he upped his protein intake to 150 grams a day and increased his calories to 1900, he started seeing remarkable results. He also stuck to his fitness routine, weight training with a focus on compound lifts, and cardio 4-5 times a week.

Support of community

In the comments, the Reddit community congratulated him on his transformation and asked questions about his diet and routine. Many users were inspired by his story, and he motivated them to start their journey. No-Manufacturer210 gratefully acknowledged the support and encouraged others to keep going with their journey.


No-Manufacturer210's transformation is an inspiring story that highlights the importance of a high protein diet and a consistent fitness routine in achieving weight loss goals. With the support of an online community, he was motivated to keep going, and his results speak for themselves. If you're looking for inspiration on your fitness journey, then No-Manufacturer210's story is an excellent starting point.

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