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F/34/5'4 [245>200] 45Lbs Down in 4 Months Woman Loses 45 Pounds in 4 Months

This progress pic shows a female who has lost 45lbs in 4 months. She started at 245lbs and her current weight is 200lbs. Her goal weight is 150lbs and she plans to start body recomp in the fall.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'4" woman showing a weight cut from 245 pounds to 223 pounds. A total loss of 22 pounds.
F/34/5’4 [245>200] 45lbs down in 4 months. April 11th, 2022 - July 16, 2022 - Not done yet, GW is 150 and I will start body recomp in the fall. *please do not send me private messages*
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This progress pic is from a 34-year-old, 5'4 female who has lost 45lbs in 4 months, going from 245lbs to 200lbs. She plans to continue losing weight until she reaches her goal weight of 150lbs, at which point she will start body recomp (a process of building muscle and losing fat).

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