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F/28/5'9 [195 > 179 = 16 Lbs] (22 Months) Female at 28 Years Old and 5'9 Tall Loses 16 Pounds in 22 Months

This individual has lost 16lbs over the span of 22 months, going from a previous weight of 195 to their current weight of 179. They are 5'9 tall and female.

A progress pic of a 5'9" woman showing a fat loss from 195 pounds to 179 pounds. A total loss of 16 pounds.

This person has lost 16lbs in 22 months, going from a heaviest weight of 218lbs to their current weight of 179lbs. They are happy with their progress and are focusing on the changes in their body, rather than the numbers on the scale.

F/28/5'9 [195 > 179 = 16 lbs] (22 months) First photo is down from my heaviest of 218. Trying to forget the scale and enjoy the recomp progress!
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