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From 322Lbs to Finishing a Triathlon: a Reddit User's 8 Year Journey to Health and Fitness

Read about a Reddit user's inspiring journey from weighing 322lbs to finishing a Triathlon and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Learn about their strategies and tips for sustainable weight loss.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'3" woman showing a fat loss from 322 pounds to 138 pounds. A respectable loss of 184 pounds.
F/32/5’3” [322 lbs > 138 lbs = 184 lbs] 8 years apart to the day. Back then, celebrating meant ice cream and beach trips. Now it means finishing my first Triathalon (even if I was third to last)
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MissGuac, a Reddit user, recently shared her inspiring transformation journey with the online community. The 32-year-old woman started her weight loss journey at 322lbs and lost an impressive 184lbs over an 8-year period. Her most significant achievement was finishing her first Triathlon.

CICO and Consistency Are Key

MissGuac has highlighted that losing weight is not a quick fix, and CICO (calories in, calories out) is the way to go. She makes sure to burn more calories than she consumes, and consistency is also essential. MissGuac enjoys a balanced diet composed of protein, veggies, and carbs, and she also indulges in moderation.

A Healthy Body and Mind

MissGuac's transformation journey has done more than change her appearance. It has transformed her overall health and wellness, leaving her feeling happier and healthier than ever before. She even mentioned that she now has a bigger smile than ever before.

Triathlon Accomplishment and More to Come

Finishing a triathlon is a significant accomplishment for anyone. MissGuac trained for four years in cycling and running, and only two months of casual pool swimming. Her mantra was to finish the triathlon and be faster than the slowest person ever to complete it. MissGuac managed to achieve these, and she even intends to do it again in August.

Final Thoughts

MissGuac's success story is inspiring and proves that anyone can achieve their fitness goals by being consistent and determined. Her transformation journey is a testament to the fact that balance is key, and that one should enjoy life while making healthy choices. She proves that the body can surprise itself when challenged, and we all can achieve things we never thought possible. So, why not try it out, make achievable goals, set realistic timelines, and celebrate every progress along the way.

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