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M/23/5'11'' 125Lbs<176Lbs=51Lbs Weight Journey Boosts Confidence

A reddit user shares their weight gain journey and how it boosted their confidence. Gain tips and motivation.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'11" man showing a weight bulk from 125 pounds to 176 pounds. A net gain of 51 pounds.
M/23/5’11” [125lbs<176lbs=51lbs](3.5 Years) confidence got boosted like crazy after gaining weight!
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


ChrisFN, a 23-year-old reddit user, achieved an incredible 51-pound weight gain in 3.5 years. He shared his weight journey on reddit and mentioned how it boosted his confidence. In this article, we'll explore his journey and motivation to help others achieve their fitness goals.

The journey

ChrisFN explained that his primary motivation to gain weight was his low self-esteem. He took inspiration from weight-gain transformation videos on youtube and started working out 5 days a week, following a weight gain diet plan. The first year was slow progress, but he didn't give up. He observed his body's response to different exercise routines and diet modifications and made changes accordingly. It took him three and a half years to gain 51 pounds, but he achieved his goal.

The benefits

ChrisFN acknowledged that gaining weight was challenging and required a lot of discipline and hard work. However, he also noticed the positive effects it had on his mental health. He felt more confident and comfortable in his skin, which translated into other aspects of his life. He encourages people to try things out for themselves and see the effects on their physical and mental health.

Fitness advice

ChrisFN offered to help anyone who has questions about fitness by commenting or DMing him on reddit. He emphasized the importance of consistency, patience, and discipline in achieving fitness goals. He also shared the importance of tracking progress to know what works and what doesn't. He encouraged people to focus on their fitness goals and not to compare themselves to others.


ChrisFN's weight journey is an inspiration for anyone struggling with weight gain or confidence. His success can be attributed to his determination, patience and consistent efforts. If you're struggling with weight gain or lack of confidence, ChrisFN's story can motivate you to take charge of your health and fitness. Remember, everyone has a different journey, so focus on your goals and keep working towards them.

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