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7 Month Weight Journey: M/20 Goes From 143 to 154 Lbs

Read about Chance_Heat_5255's 7 month journey from 143 lbs to 154 lbs on Reddit. Gain insight into a possible weight gain routine.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'8" man showing a muscle gain from 143 pounds to 154 pounds. A net gain of 11 pounds.
M/20/5’8” [143 —> 154 lbs] 7 months
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Chance_Heat_5255, a M/20 at 5'8'' has undergone a 7 month journey where he's added 11 lbs to his weight. The Reddit thread he created to share his story currently has 27 upvotes and no comments.

The Methods

According to his Reddit posts, Chance_Heat_5255 attributes his weight gain to a consistent diet and exercise routine. He created a diet that included 3 meals and 2 protein shakes daily. His workout routine consisted of lifting and cardio, with 4 workout sessions a week. Chance also mentions that he made sure to get enough rest to aid his muscle growth.

The Challenges

Chance_Heat_5255 talks about how it was hard for him to keep the motivation going for months. There were times when he would feel like giving up or he would get distracted by other things in his life. He says it's essential to have a strong desire to achieve the goal and to create a routine that works for oneself.

The Takeaway

Reading through Chance_Heat_5255's Reddit posts, it's clear that discipline and routine played an essential role in his weight gain journey. While it's not easy to stick to a strict regime, the user demonstrates that it's not impossible. Anyone looking to gain weight should look for the right diet plan and exercise routines that suits their body type and metabolism. Discipline, patience and consistency could be the key to success in a health journey.


Finally, Chance_Heat_5255 is not a professional trainer or dietician, nor is this journey a one-size-fits-all approach. It is worth noting that individual results may vary. However, his journey offers insight into the fact that a consistent diet and exercise plan, along with enough rest and patience, can help in changing ones weight and overall health.

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