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From 400 to 190Lbs: a 2 Year Weight Loss Journey

Follow this inspiring weight loss journey of a Reddit user who went from 400 to 190lbs using only motivation and hard work! Learn how he stayed motivated on his path to becoming shredded.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 6'0" male showing a weight loss from 400 pounds to 190 pounds. A net loss of 210 pounds.
M/32/6’0”[400>210=190lbs] 2 years at 210. Now I’m headed for shredded territory this year (165 ish. Let’s hope I can do it. It’s hard to stay motivated.
Originally posted on /r/progresspics

The Journey Begins

Two years ago, a Reddit user known as [deleted] decided to make a change. Weighing in at 400lbs, he knew he needed to make drastic changes to his lifestyle in order to improve his health.

A Slow But Steady Progression

For the first two years, [deleted] gradually lost weight and by the end of it had reached 210lbs. He found that while making small changes to his diet and exercise regime did not result in rapid weight loss, it was sustainable over the long term.

Pushing for the Finish Line

Determined to hit his goal weight of 165lbs, [deleted] continued to work hard. He found that starting small and building momentum was key to maintaining motivation. Tracking his progress through photos and measurements, he was able to see how far he had come, which provided him with the inspiration he needed to push on.

The Importance of Support

The journey towards physical transformation can be an arduous and isolating one. [deleted] found that his friends and family, who supported him throughout his journey, were instrumental in keeping him focused and motivated. He also found community support through online forums, such as Reddit, which provided him with further encouragement along the way.

Take Inspiration from [deleted] and Start Your Journey Today

Through sheer determination and hard work, [deleted] was able to achieve his weight loss goals. While everyone's journey is unique, there are always lessons to be learned from those who have gone before us. By following [deleted]'s example of starting small, building momentum, and seeking support from friends and family, anyone can achieve their fitness goals. Take inspiration from this incredible journey and start your own today!

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