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University Student Loses 15Lbs in 48 Months with Dedicated Workout Routine

Read about one University student's journey to lose 15 pounds in his four years of college, and how he managed to maintain his gains and stay lean.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'8" male showing a weight loss from 170 pounds to 155 pounds. A total loss of 15 pounds.
M/22/5’8 [170 lbs > 155 lbs = 15lbs] 48 months Freshman to Senior (University) transformation
Originally posted on /r/progresspics

Dedication is Key

Reddit user nick_fitness shares his journey of transformation from a skinny and weak freshman weighing around 125lbs to a ripped, muscular senior weighing 155lbs. The journey took 48 months, which shows that patience and consistency are of utmost importance. Nick followed a rigorous workout routine consisting of back/biceps, legs, chest/shoulders/triceps, and abs.

Workout Routine

When asked about his workout split, Nick explained that it was Back/biceps > legs > chest/shoulder/triceps > abs, and he repeated this cycle. The workout routine was enough to help him achieve his fitness goals, and it can serve as inspiration to others to try out their own customized routines.

Maintaining a Strict Macro Count

Nick's impressive progress was possible thanks to his strict adherence to his macros, consisting of 155g protein, 50g of fat, and the remaining calories from carbs. He was able to maintain his ripped abs while continuing to build muscle. Anyone can follow a similar macro count after consulting with their doctors, nutritionists, or trainers.

Encouragement for Others

Nick_Fitness's story is not unique. With hard work and perseverance, anyone can achieve their desired fitness goals. It's important to remember that it's not just about losing weight but also being healthy and feeling confident. Consistency in diet and exercise is key to any fitness journey, and this story should be evidence of just that.


Whether you're a university student or not, it's never too late to start your health and fitness journey. Dedication and consistency can help you achieve your goals no matter how long it takes. Working out a customized routine and tracking macros and caloric intake can help you progress just like Nick_Fitness. Don't give up, and always remember that every fitness journey is unique.

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