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Before and After 14 lbs Weight Loss 5 foot 6 Female 139 lbs to 125 lbs

Here we have a progress pic showing a weight loss from 139 pounds to 125 pounds. That's an impressive loss of 14 pounds.

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Before and After 14 lbs Weight Loss 5 foot 6 Female 139 lbs to 125 lbs
F/23/5'6" [139lbs > 125lbs = 14lbs] (1 year) I broke up with my loser ex, quit my office job for a more physical one, replaced beer with coffee and ate a lot less junk
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You looked better before you had a nicer shape .. more of a body now your too bony. For your height and build it’s too skinny.
You looked better before. You had a nice body before and a healthy weight for your height. Now you look bony and no shape now. .
You looked great before and you still do, not everyone has the same opinions but what matters is your health and how you feel about yourself.
I had know idea this site was a thing tbh, I'm glad you have a positive outlook. You was able to remove some habits, replace them with better ones and you feel better for it I'm guessing?
Idek if this is the sort of site you can ask questions tbh but In you're own time you could do what the others are suggesting with the right mindset, routine and diet to nurture it if that's even what you want ofc ;)
In both you look great you just look a lot more slim on the right. If you like the slim looking body type then good for you. You’re a healthy skinny on the right and there’s nothing wrong with that. As long as you’re happy with yourself and healthy.
heyy this dude FIT whos is commenting on this like he or she is somthing honestly must be a sad person because her body is perfect either way and any way. u are one sad fucker