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F22's Remarkable 10 Month Journey From 344 to 212 Lbs Towards Her Goal of 169 Lbs

Read about F22's inspiring journey from 344 to 212 lbs in 10 months and her aim to reach 169 lbs by November. Learn how she achieved her weight loss and fitness goals.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'7" female showing a weight reduction from 344 pounds to 132 pounds. A respectable loss of 212 pounds.
F/22/5’7 [344>212=132lbs] (10 months) on my way to 169!!! Goal for my bday in November!!
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


F22's post on Reddit has caught the attention of many with her weight loss journey. She shares how she dropped from 344 lbs to 212 lbs in just 10 months on her way to her goal weight of 169 lbs by November. Her post is inspiring and shows that a significant weight loss is achievable with determination and hard work.


F22 mentions that her weight loss journey was composed mainly of diet and exercise. She started by consuming fewer calories and opting for healthier food choices. Over time, she increased her physical activity levels by going to the gym and doing cardio exercises. She also used the tools and support provided by the gym, such as trainers and workout plans.


F22's remarkable transformation in 10 months is evident in the significant drop in her weight, from 344 lbs to 212 lbs. Her hard work and dedication to her diet and fitness goals have paid off, and she is now on her way to achieving her goal weight of 169 lbs. Her journey is a testament to the fact that with discipline and motivation, remarkable results can be achieved.


F22's journey highlights the importance of diet and exercise in achieving weight loss goals. It also shows that it is possible to make significant progress in a relatively short period, with discipline and consistency. Moreover, it emphasizes the importance of setting realistic goals and having a plan to achieve them. F22's journey is an example of how focusing on small changes can lead to significant transformations over time.


F22's remarkable journey shows that anyone can achieve their fitness goals with hard work and perseverance. Her post is a motivation to those who are struggling with weight loss and need inspiration. The key takeaway from her journey is that small changes and consistent effort can lead to significant transformations over time. It is essential to establish healthy habits and stick to them consistently to achieve long-term health and fitness goals.

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