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M/24 Weight Journey: Reddit Users Documented Transformation

A Reddit user documents their year-long weight journey but is unable to see a difference despite working out. Find out what others had to say.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'10" man showing a weight gain from 135 pounds to 136 pounds. A total gain of 1 pounds.
M/24/5’10” [135lbs>136 lbs = 1lbs] I’ve been working out for a year now, and can’t tell a difference. Can y’all?
Originally posted on /r/progresspics

Working out and ‘imperceptible’ changes

For over a year, Reddit user, Cosahh has been working out but feels there has not been much change. Despite desires for defined muscles, the user reports that even with working out for an hour three-four days a week, and consuming several meals in one sitting, the only difference was gaining one pound.

Tips for gaining weight

Reddit users that commented on the post had some ideas for the user on how to gain weight. Some of the suggestions were tracking calories, eating at caloric surplus by specifically consuming calorie-dense food, and using protein powder or thick shakes when necessary. With these ideas and almost all recommendations pointing to calorie tracking, the user can have concrete data on how many calories are needed to gain weight.

Channels to Follow

Jeff Nippard and Renaissance Periodization were recommended by one Reddit user to help the original poster improve overall consistency with their gym attendance and eating habits. These channels share science-based fitness advice that can benefit all kinds of people, regardless of the age and gender.

Consistency and Progress

Consistency is crucial. Some exercises may not show rapid physical results as quickly as others, and if records of previous sessions are not kept, the growth of muscles may not be evident. Tracking progress may provide some motivation during training. That said, the decision whether to continue working out should not solely rely on the results. Exercise has many benefits, on a physical and emotional level.

Takeaway Messages

It may be frustrating not to see immediate changes after intense workouts, but fitness journeys are a continual work in progress. Workouts and increases in strength are not solely reflected in what someone sees, but in how they feel. Additionally, there is no specific diet or workout plan that would work for everyone, but rather some trial-and-error. Trying different approaches is encouraged until one finds the program that fits with their lifestyle and body goals.

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