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F/24/5'11 Progress Pic: Waist Beads Finally near Waist!

This progress pic from a third party perspective shows a female who has lost 23lbs this year. She is 5'11 tall and her current weight is 227lbs.

A before and after photo of a 5'11" female showing a weight reduction from 250 pounds to 227 pounds. A respectable loss of 23 pounds.

The individual in this progress picture is a female who is 5'11 tall. They started their journey at 250lbs and as of the picture, they are 227lbs. This means they have lost 23lbs total. The progress picture was taken in January of 2022. They express discouragement at only losing 23lbs, until they compare progress pictures and see how far they have come. In the new picture, their waist beads are finally near their waist.

F/24/5’11 [250 > 227 = 23lbs] Started Jan 2022. I’ve been discouraged that I’ve only lost 23lbs this year, until I compared progress photos. My waist beads are finally near my waist!
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