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Lessons Learned From a 65Lb Weight Loss Journey over 5 Years

Read about one Reddit user's experience losing 65lbs over 5 years, including the mistakes made and lessons learned along the way.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 6'2" man showing a weight bulk from 145 pounds to 210 pounds. A respectable gain of 65 pounds.
M/26/6’2 [145>210 = 65lb] (5 years) Definitely made a lot of mistakes along the way but stayed consistent :)
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One Reddit user, Own_Watercress7006, recently shared their weight loss journey, which spanned over 5 years and resulted in a loss of 65lbs. However, the user admits to making mistakes along the way and offers advice for others who may be attempting a similar journey.

Mistakes Made

Own_Watercress7006 admits to bulking up too quickly on low quality food and then cutting down too harshly by not eating enough and overdoing cardio. The user emphasizes that making slow, consistent changes over time is crucial for sustainable weight loss. Additionally, the user notes that metabolism is not a fixed number; daily steps and cardio sessions can impact it as well.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

According to Own_Watercress7006, a gradual change in habits is the key to success. For example, losing just 0.5lbs per week can add up to a 26lb difference at the end of the year. The user also suggests aiming to add just 1 rep or as little as 0.5kg to weights each session, as progress adds up over time. Sleep is also important; the user notes that sleeping 9 hours burns more fat than sleeping 6.

Advice for Building Muscle

Own_Watercress7006 also offers advice for those looking to gain muscle. The user suggests choosing exercises that feel good, consistently adding weight over time, and training in a variety of rep ranges. Keeping track of weight and rep information in a logbook can also help with progress. The user advises against making large weight increases, which can result in poor form and reliance on other muscles rather than the target muscle.

Caution with Steroids

Towards the end of the Reddit thread, Own_Watercress7006 discusses their use of performance-enhancing drugs, noting that it is a dangerous game to play. The user suggests getting blood tests before taking steroids, as well as having an AI (arimadex) on hand to lower estrogen levels if necessary. The user emphasizes that steroids only multiply effort, rather than adding to it, and that consistent effort through diet and training is crucial for success.

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