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A Year of Hard Dieting: How One Man Lost 115Lbs and Maintained It for 3 Years

Learn about one man's journey to lose 115lbs and maintain it for 3 years through hard dieting and lifestyle changes. Discover his diet and exercise routine.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 6'1" man showing a fat loss from 345 pounds to 230 pounds. A total loss of 115 pounds.
M/24/6’1”/[345lbs>230lbs=115lbs] about a year of hard dieting! Still at this weight 3 years later
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The Hard Work Pays Off

At the age of 24, Reddit user Wreckitralph1994 weighed 345lbs, and he knew he had to do something about it. He spent about a year doing hard dieting, drinking mostly water and lemon water, and mixed Powerade and water when he wanted a little more flavor. He was insanely strict on when he ate and what he ate, had somewhat low carb intake, and ate lots of veggies. Wreckitralph1994 worked out at night right before bed.'

The Results

Wreckitralph1994 went from 345lbs to 230lbs -- a 115lbs weight loss within a year! But what's more impressive is that he was able to maintain this weight for 3 years. His hard work paid off, and he has never wanted to go back to the person he was.

Lifestyle Changes

Wreckitralph1994 made several lifestyle changes to achieve his weight loss goals. He stopped drinking soda, became cautious about overeating, and started working out using a row machine in his living room. He would eat a meal an hour before he worked out, and he was very careful about what he ate. Today, he's much more lenient on the things he eats, but he tries to maintain his comfortable weight and be happy.

Advice for Others

Wreckitralph1994's weight loss journey was a result of hard work and dedication to his goals. He recommends others to try things out for themselves and find what works for them. There's no magical formula for weight loss, but only through hard work and lifestyle changes, one can achieve their goals.


Wreckitralph1994's weight loss journey is an inspiration to many. His hard work, dedication, and lifestyle changes led him to lose 115lbs and maintain it for 3 years. Though not a magic formula, his journey can teach us that through hard work, dedication, and lifestyle changes, we can achieve our weight loss goals.

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