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From Enlisting to Civilian: Reducing 35 Lbs in 48 Months for Male, 21, 5'11" [187Lbs>152Lbs]

Witness YaBoiCrispoHernandez's long-term weight journey from a military recruit to a proud civilian as he sheds off 35 lbs through grit and determination for the past 48 months.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'11" man showing a fat loss from 187 pounds to 152 pounds. A total loss of 35 pounds.
M/21/5’11” [187lbs>152lbs=35lbs] (48 months) Me at 18 enlisting in the Army and me at 21 happily a civilian
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For YaBoiCrispoHernandez, reaching his ideal weight was not an overnight success story. In a Reddit post that has gained 112 upvotes, he shared how he lost 35 lbs in 4 years. We take a closer look at his journey and draw insights on how he maintained his motivation.

The Starting Point

YaBoiCrispoHernandez started his journey weighing 187 lbs at 5'11" when he enlisted in the Army at 18. He was a young, active recruit with a lot of motivation but not enough self-control. The discipline instilled in him during basic training paved the way for a better exercise routine and a healthier diet, which helped him achieve his ideal weight.

The Journey

Losing 35 lbs in 4 years was not an easy feat. YaBoiCrispoHernandez had ups and downs along the way, and at times, he felt like he was not making progress. But he was consistent and tracked his weight-loss goals, which helped him visualize his progress. Not only did he lose weight, but he also kept it off by sticking to his healthy habits.

The Takeaways

YaBoiCrispoHernandez's journey teaches us that weight loss is not always about rapid results. Instead, we should focus on making small changes in our lifestyles. Dedication, patience, and consistency are the keys to the gradual and sustainable loss of weight. Tracking progress can also help motivate us to achieve more.


The weight-loss journey of YaBoiCrispoHernandez is a testament to how far grit and determination can get us. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and showing patience and dedication, anyone can achieve their weight-loss goals. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to weight loss. But being open to trying new things and being committed to small, consistent changes can go a long way.

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