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235 to 192: a Reddit User's Weight Loss Journey

Follow this Reddit user's journey from 235 to 192 pounds while gaining insight on successful weight loss.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'8" male showing a weight reduction from 235 pounds to 192 pounds. A respectable loss of 43 pounds.
30/M/5'8" 235 -> 192, 43 DOWN! About 22 till my goal. Costco member card pics. Old pic is on the right.
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


This Reddit user, upgoat4peece, decided to make a change and begin their weight loss journey. With a starting weight of 235 pounds and a height of 5'8", they posted an update to Reddit when they reached 192 pounds. Their post included photos showing their progress, including their Costco membership card pictures. The post received 48 upvotes and four comments.

Celebrating Progress

Upgoat4peece mentioned feeling really excited upon seeing the before and after pictures. Among the comments on their post, users congratulated them for their progress and commendable hard work. Celebrating the small milestones is important on any weight loss journey, as it can help motivate someone to keep going and stay on track.

Strategic Planning

Weight loss is a strategic combination of many factors including diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits. Through upgoat4peece's Reddit post history, it was clear that they developed a plan to achieve their weight loss goals. They shared recipes for low-carb meals, posted updates on their daily exercise, and sought advice from the community on how to stay on track while eating out. Developing a plan and sticking to it is a key component to successful weight loss.

Inspiration for Others

Upgoat4peece's journey can be used as an inspiration to others on similar paths. By reading their Reddit posts, it is clear that they worked hard to meet their goals, but more importantly, they did it in a sustainable and healthy way. Their posts demonstrated that small changes, over time, can make a big difference. From cooking at home to trying new forms of exercise, upgoat4peece set themselves up for success and inspired others to do the same.


Those looking to start their own weight loss journey can learn from upgoat4peece's experience. Setting small and realistic goals, developing a strategic plan, and celebrating the small milestones along the way are all important components to achieving success. If you are struggling with weight loss, look to the success of others for inspiration and find a way to make it fun for yourself. Whether it be trying a new gym class or cooking a new healthy recipe, make weight loss an enjoyable experience as you work towards your goals.

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