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A Two Year Weight Journey: Gaining 40Lbs and Boosting Confidence

Read about a Reddit user's personal weight journey and how it improved their confidence over two years, increasing 155lbs to 195lbs.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'11" man showing a weight gain from 155 pounds to 195 pounds. A total gain of 40 pounds.
M/24/5’11” [155lbs > 195lbs = 40lbs] Took me two years and I’m feeling much more confident.
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


In a span of two years, a Reddit user, thenickandnoqh, gained 40 pounds, taking him from 155lbs to 195lbs. He revealed his transformation to the Reddit community, noting that he feels more confident now than ever before.

Determination and Consistency

By sharing his story, thenickandnoqh proves that determination and consistency can lead to great results in terms of fitness. It takes discipline to stick to a particular routine, but once the hard work pays off, the results are satisfying. As the user shared his progress, he inspired others to work towards their own fitness goals.

The Importance of Focus

The Reddit user achieved his fitness goal by focusing on weight lifting and proper nutrition. It was his concentration on these two things that enabled him to gain strength and pack on the extra pounds of muscle. Success requires focus and a clear goal, something that the user never lost sight of. The path to his success was never lost and it led to his physical transformation.

Boosting Confidence

The transformation of thenickandnoqh was not just physical, but also mental. As he started seeing the results of his efforts, he began feeling more confident in his own skin. It's clear that his hard work has paid off, and the positivity from his peers only added to it. The experience of achieving something you set out to achieve is one that can change the way you feel about yourself, which, in turn, will change how others see you.


thenickandnoqh is a testament to the fact that fitness goals can be achieved through hard work, discipline and consistency. His transformation is not just visible to the naked eye, but it is also visible in his newfound confidence. While this user's journey may not be the same experience for everyone, his story offers inspiration for anyone who wants to set a goal and work hard to achieve it. It’s never too late to start working towards your own fitness transformation, and the rewards can be life-changing.

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