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From 130Lbs to 178Lbs: a Realistic 3 Year Transformation Journey

Read about MaxoFlaxoWaxoKream's weight gain journey on Reddit. This article covers his experience and provides insights for those wanting to transform anew.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'10" man showing a weight bulk from 130 pounds to 178 pounds. A net gain of 48 pounds.
M/21/5'10" [130lbs>178lbs= +48lbs] (3yrs) I was going for silver but I ran out of hair dye :( I'm proud of where I'm at but we only going up from here. Next on the list... Abs...sigh.
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MaxoFlaxoWaxoKream, a 21-year-old, 5'10" guy weighed a skinny 130lbs. However, he made impressive progress by packing on 48lbs, bringing his weight up to 178lbs. His Reddit post reflects his journey that spanned three years. MaxoFlaxoWaxoKream's post received attention and admiration, with 95 upvotes and positive comments about his realistic transformation.

Fitness Routine

MaxoFlaxoWaxoKream attributes his transformation to consistently sticking to his fitness routine. He focused on powerlifts like the 5x5 program, increasing his reps and weight as he progressed. MaxoFlaxoWaxoKream also channeled his dedication into other sports, including kickboxing and swimming, to promote diversity in his fitness routine.

Healthy Eating Habits

MaxoFlaxoWaxoKream mentions that his diet was a significant factor in his transformation journey. He made sure to consume an adequate amount of calories to fuel his workouts, paired with high protein to promote muscle growth. He was intentional about incorporating whole foods, supplements, and protein shakes to maintain his progress.

Mental fortitude

MaxoFlaxoWaxoKream managed to keep himself motivated to achieve his fitness goals. He shared that adopting healthy habits, coupled with consistent progress towards his goals, helped him stay motivated despite the occasional negative thoughts about his body. His strong-willed mindset aided him in creating healthy practices without pushing too hard and losing his sense of moderation in the process.


MaxoFlaxoWaxoKream's transformation process may serve as an inspiration for those who are committed to a healthy lifestyle change. An important trick to consider is that it takes time and patience to cultivate healthy habits that eventually translate into desired results. Like MaxoFlaxoWaxoKream, having a well-rounded routine that incorporates fitness, proper nutrition, and mental fortitude is the best foundation for any health transformation journey. As a reminder, your journey is unique and personal to you, so take inspiration from others but do what feels right and natural to your body.

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