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M/21/6'3 Sees 65Lbs Weight Loss in Progress Towards Goal of Disneyland Trip

This man has made incredible progress in his weight loss journey, losing 65lbs so far. He's motivated by his goal of cosplaying a stormtrooper at Disneyland.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 6'3" male showing a weight reduction from 550 pounds to 485 pounds. A respectable loss of 65 pounds.
M/21/6ā€™3[550lbs>485lbs=65lbs] Iā€™m happy with my progress on this! Iā€™m working towards going to Disneyland and cosplaying a stormtrooper. I feel like that might be a little dumb but it keeps me going.
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This person is a male who is 6'3 and their previous weight was 550lbs. They are happy with their progress in the pic, as they have lost 65lbs and are now 485lbs. They have a goal to go to Disneyland and cosplay a stormtrooper.

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