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F/38/5'9 [344Lbs > 147Lbs = 197Lbs] Christmas Morning 2018 Vs Today: How I Lost 197Lbs in 1 Year

This 38-year-old female Reddit user 5'9 tall and used to weigh 344 pounds. As of Christmas morning 2018, she now weighs 147 pounds, representing a weight loss of 197 pounds.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'9" female showing a weight loss from 344 pounds to 147 pounds. A total loss of 197 pounds.
F/38/5’9” [344lbs > 147lbs = 197lbs] Christmas morning 2018 vs today. Seeing that photo on the left was one of my major motivations to change my lifestyle (even though it still took me 3 more months to get my act together 😂) So close to my goal, then on to maintenance 🎉
Originally posted on /r/progresspics

The individual in this progress pic has lost a significant amount of weight, going from 344lbs to 147lbs. This change has been motivated by a desire to improve their health and they are now close to their goal weight. This individual is female, 5'9 tall, and the photo was taken on Christmas morning 2018 compared to today.

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