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From 115Lbs to 123Lbs – a 16 Year Old Male's Fitness Journey

A progress report on a 16-year old's weight journey using Reddit posts as source materials.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'6" male showing a weight bulk from 115 pounds to 123 pounds. A net gain of 8 pounds.
A before and after photo of a 5'6" male showing a weight bulk from 115 pounds to 123 pounds. A net gain of 8 pounds.
[progress] approx. 3 months 115lbs - 123lbs, 16 male, 5'6
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Versace_Gerbil, a 16-year old male, revealed his three-month fitness journey on Reddit, showcasing his struggle as a young bodybuilder. We used his post to explore what worked for him and some insightful tips on building muscles.

Eating Habits

Versace_Gerbil is on the skinny side, and at the beginning of his journey, he weighed 115lbs. One of his biggest concerns was gaining weight. He noted that not packing enough calories was a significant hindrance to his progress. In answer to a comment, he revealed that he had been eating 3,200 calories a day. He also shared that he could not eat in class, and it was challenging to get three meals a day. Redditors suggested drinking mass gainers, tracking calorie intake diligently, and eating calorie-dense foods.

Weight Training

Versace_Gerbil started his journey with a 5x5 training program, which he followed religiously. Comments from Redditors were diverse, with some suggesting he increases rep range while others differed. He shared that his workout schedule included squats, bench press, overhead press, bent-over rows, and barbell curls. He was proud to report that he added weight regularly and saw progress. He acknowledged that he was still strength training and would move to a different kind of training once he could bench 1.8 his weight, squat 2, and 2.3 deadlift.

Cardio and Swimming

Versace_Gerbil is a swimmer, and one of his concerns was the effect it was having on his fitness journey. Redditors suggested that he alter the frequency of his swimming and focus more on weight training. They advised that he walks instead of runs and do activities that are less intense. Versace_Gerbil revealed that he was doing the workout until he could swim faster than he would for an event in regionals; then, he would stop swimming and concentrate on his training.

Final Thoughts

It's inspiring to see a 16-year old male embarking on a fitness journey and seeking advice from Reddit. We've shared some insights on what worked and didn't work for Versace_Gerbil: increase calorie intake to build muscle, do strength training before moving to hypertrophy-based exercises, and focus on weight training, with less frequency of cardio. It's advisable to consult with a doctor or a fitness expert before embarking on a fitness journey. Nonetheless, Versace_Gerbil's post is a testament that anyone with persistence, patience, and commitment can achieve their fitness goals.

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