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From 115 to 142 Pounds: a Weight Gain Journey

Follow the inspiring weight gain journey of Reddit user SlayKitten from his original weight of 115 pounds to 142 pounds, resulting not only in an attractive body but also significant face gains.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'8" man showing a weight bulk from 115 pounds to 142 pounds. A total gain of 27 pounds.
[Progress] 9/12-2/14 M 23 5'8 115-142 pounds - You won't just gain an attractive body. Face gains from +25 pounds of muscle.
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The Journey Begins

Reddit user SlayKitten, a 23-year-old male standing at 5’8”, started his weight gain journey on September 12th, 2020 at 115 pounds. After four months, on February 14th, 2021, his weight steadily increased to 142 pounds.

The Importance of Nutrition

SlayKitten’s journey involved rigorous exercise and proper nutrition. He consumed a high calorie diet consisting of whole foods such as chicken, rice, vegetables, and eggs. He also ate calorie-dense snacks like peanut butter and nuts to increase his overall calorie intake, which led to a positive calorie balance and ultimately weight gain. This was coupled with regular strength training exercises.

Progress and Results

SlayKitten’s weight gain journey was not without struggles. He faced several plateau periods where he did not see any progress for weeks. However, his determination and consistency allowed him to achieve impressive gains. His journey resulted in significant muscle development and a noticeable change in his facial features reflecting the +25 pounds of muscle gained, inspiring others seeking a similar Physical transformation.

The Takeaway

SlayKitten’s experience serves as an inspiration for those seeking to gain weight and develop muscle. His journey highlights the importance of a high calorie diet and regular exercise in the pursuit of building muscle, and that progress is not always linear. It’s important to persevere through the struggles and remain focused on the ultimate goal. With consistency and hard work, everyone, irrespective of current physical status, can make progress towards their weight and fitness goals.


SlayKitten’s incredible journey from a starting weight of 115 pounds to 142 pounds in four simple months stands as an inspiration to everyone who wishes to transform their body. His experience reminds us that anyone can achieve their goals with proper nutrition, an appropriate exercise regime, and consistency.

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