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16 Year Old Male's Three Year Transformation From Chubby 13 Year Old to Stronger, Healthier 16 Year Old

This is a progress pic of a male who has gone from 140lbs to 150lbs over the course of three years. He has also increased his bench press to 235, squat to 350, and deadlift to 365.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'5" man showing a weight gain from 140 pounds to 150 pounds. A respectable gain of 10 pounds.
M/16/5'5 Three year transformation from being a chubby 13 year old to a healthier and stronger 16 year old (140lbs to 150lbs) Bench press 235, Squat 350, Deadlift 365
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The individual in this progress pic has gone through a three year transformation, starting from when they were a chubby 13 year old. They have changed their lifestyle to become healthier and stronger, going from 140lbs to 150lbs. They can now bench press 235, squat 350, and deadlift 365.

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