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10 Year Weight Journey: From 130Lbs to 192Lbs at 33 Years Old

This Reddit user's weight journey lasted for 10 years. Discover his workout, diet, and supplement regimen and his amazing gains.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'10" man showing a muscle gain from 130 pounds to 192 pounds. A total gain of 62 pounds.
M/33/5'10" 130lbs to 192lbs in 10 years. Im sorry if 10 years is too long of a span but i dont have any pics from earlier so this is the best I can do
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10-Year Weight Transformation

This Reddit user, i_jump_wakes, shared his remarkable 10-year weight journey from weighing 130lbs to 192lbs. Although he has no photos from the earlier days of his transformation, he posted a current photo of him wrapped in chains in the comments section of his post.

Personal Workout and Diet Plan

i_jump_wakes shared that he wrote his own workout plan for years. He recommended working to a 10 rep max, consuming a quality protein, and using creatine monohydrate (seven days a week). He also advised eating a lot of real food when bulking and tailoring the workout plan to one's specific needs.

Muscular Gains and Strength Competitions

During his weight journey, i_jump_wakes got very strong and won two bench press competitions and one deadlift competition with 450. He revealed his maximum bench press of 340, squat of 500, deadlift of 450, and standing overhead bar press of 185.

Making a Lifestyle Change

i_jump_wakes stated that he had to make a lifestyle change to achieve his current physique. It took him ten years to reach where he is now, and he said that the key to a successful weight journey is to make it a lifestyle change rather than just following a workout plan or diet alone.

The Takeaway

This Reddit user's weight journey shows that consistency and dedication are the keys to achieving one's fitness goals. To get similar results, try working your way to your maximum reps, using creatine monohydrate, eating real food, and tailoring your workout plan to your specific needs. Most importantly, make the lifestyle change necessary to reach your weight and fitness goals.

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