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Male’s Weight Loss and Gain Journey over Several Years

A male Reddit user shares his weight journey, starting from 175lbs to 200lbs then to 225lbs before hitting 200lbs again after many years of consistently working out.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'10" male showing a weight bulk from 175 pounds to 200 pounds. A total gain of 25 pounds.
Male/23/5'10'' [175 lbs -> 200 -> 225 -> 200] (several years)
Originally posted on /r/Brogress


The male Reddit user WretchedSkye2113 shares his weight journey that spans over several years, resulting from consistent workouts and diet adjustment.

From 175lbs to Variating Weights

The user started gaining weight during his college years, reaching around 175lbs with very little gym activity. He then began focusing on being in the gym for around six days a week with a general routine of three sets of ten. He alternates the weight-anchored exercise, including lifting using curls, flies, bench press, leg curls, squats, and deadlifts. For resistance, he uses machines like pull-downs, flat bench flyes, and lat-pulls. In summer, he would decrease his lifting and concentrate mainly on running, core and resistance training. In winter, he lifts heavily and runs for three days.

Trimming Down

Over summer, he dedicates time to resistance and mat work to cut down on fat. He would also eat leaner foods and avoid sweets and sodas. He reports that he had never had a flat stomach in his life, let alone with a six-pack. Dedication to resolute mat work has seen him through this plight.

Conclusory Remarks

WretchedSkye2113's weight loss and gain journey has seen him transition from 175lbs to 225lbs and down to 200lbs, embracing regular workouts and diet adjustment. He strives to inspire others hoping that his progress would encourage them to try things out for themselves.


This report is based on a Reddit User’s personal experiences, and individual user's results may vary. Readers are advised to consult a medical professional before starting a new fitness regimen or diet plan.

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