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Bermuda Jim's Weight Loss Journey: Progress Pics Show 32Lbs Shed

Bermuda_Jim, a 5'8'' male, embarked on a keto diet 2 months ago but has already lost 32 lbs. Read about his weight loss journey from his Reddit post.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'8" man showing a weight cut from 350 pounds to 318 pounds. A respectable loss of 32 pounds.
[Progress Pics] 32lbs Gone! 5'8" Male, 350-318lbs
Originally posted on /r/keto


Bermuda_Jim's progress pictures post on Reddit, showing his impressive weight loss of 32 pounds in just two months, has gained significant attention with 64 upvotes and 11 positive comments. In this article, we aim to analyze his weight loss journey and inspire our readers with his accomplishment.

The Weight Loss Journey

Bermuda_Jim started his weight loss journey approximately two months ago by adopting a ketogenic diet. This diet is low in carbs and high in fat, allowing the body to enter a metabolic state called ketosis, aiding in weight loss. Bermuda_Jim also incorporated regular exercises in his daily life as he knew that his sedentary lifestyle was contributing to his excess weight.


Within two months on the keto diet, Bermuda_Jim has lost 32 pounds, which is a commendable feat. His progress pictures show a visible difference in body fat and confirm his success. He has inspired many on Reddit to take diet and exercise seriously and make an effort to be healthier.

Conclusion & Takeaways

Bermuda_Jim's weight loss journey is an inspiring one. His commitment to diet and exercise resulted in significant weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. His story is a reminder to us that following a diet and exercise regime can result in dramatic body changes that positively impact our health. For those struggling to lose weight, we urge them to try out a keto diet and incorporate exercise in their daily routine. Who knows, two months down the line, they may see remarkable progress like Bermuda_Jim.


Please note, this article is not sponsored or endorsed by Bermuda_Jim or Reddit. The suggestions and recommendations provided are based on our analysis of his Reddit post and are not intended to replace professional medical advice.

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